Boundary Boss

Increase your confidence by stopping fatphobia in its tracks with boundaries, word tracks and stats

What if you knew exactly what to say to judgemental fatphobic comments, “well meaning” concerns and straight out bigotry without getting flustered and knowing the stats and facts? What if you were confident in setting boundaries that protects your mental health and supported you on your confidence journey?

With the Boundary Boss there’s no need to be surrounded by fatphobia which hurts your confidence and mental health. You are going to learn how to respond to bigotry and set boundaries in 4 days without struggling to find the words you need.

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Boundary Boss

Increase your confidence by stopping fatphobia in its tracks









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Tell me if this is you?

  • You have family and friends who just don’t get it and talk about their diets or how you should be on a diet
  • People tell you they are concerned for your health because you are fat and you know this isn’t ok but you lack the information to educate them on why their well meaning concerns are problematic
  • You avoid going to see the doctor because you are worried you’ll just be prescribed a diet and not have your actual issue addressed (and the thought of standing up to them gives you the heebie-jeebies)
  • Your weird uncle Keith keeps posting “hilarious” fat jokes on Facebook and you don’t know how to tell him to stop without making family dynamics implode

What if there was a way to protect yourself from harmful

fatphobia and it not be a big deal?

That’s exactly why I created Boundary Boss.

I want to help you feel confident and comfortable expressing important boundaries so that you can continue on in your body confidence journey. I want you to be surrounded by people who support you and I want you to know how to handle inappropriate behaviour in a way that is authentic to you.

So, if you want to set boundaries, stop those fatphobic comments and protect your mental health in just 4 days here’s how to do it:

This is a program that’ll help you set boundaries, understand the stats around diets not working and have helpful word tracks in your pocket in just 4 days.

Boundary Boss is a digital course that is delivered online. You can complete it in just 4 days and information is shared through a workshop, tutorial bundle and digital swipe files.

Sound familiar?

  • Right now you’re struggling with knowing what to say when those around you talk about diets or fat bodies being bad
  • Being surrounded by people who don’t like their body and think you shouldn’t like yours makes it difficult for you to really flourish in your own body confidence journey
  • You know that dieting and hating your body is not the way to go but you just don’t feel confident enough in the stats and facts and what to say exactly when people are saying harmful stuff

Imagine if...

You had a strategy to deal with fatphobia when it comes up so that people’s bigoted beliefs don’t rub off on you

You were able to calmly and confidently explain why working on loving your fat body is the best choice for you with stats to back it up

The thought of setting boundaries isn’t that big a deal and you are surrounded by people who respect your wishes

This could be a reality for you with Boundary Boss


I’m Vinny, creator of Boundary Boss and founder of Fierce Fatty

I am a world-leading expert on body image and crushing fatphobia, TEDx speaker and best-selling author.

I used to hate my fat body and the belief that I wasn’t good enough because of it led me into some not so great situations (including homelessness and abuse). Not anymore though!

Since I overcame my deep body shame and disordered eating I am able to do things like dance in the streets in my bikini and not give a damn what anyone thought.

It didn’t start with me donning a bikini though, that was WAY out of my comfort zone. The system I use and teach inside Boundary Boss is what helped me become surrounded by people who are forward thinking, know how to deal with bigotry when it arises and made me confident in standing up for myself.

I created Boundary Boss because I wanted to share what I learned in this long journey with others who really need this information and are stalling in their levels of confidence because those around them just don’t get it.

A massive reason people struggle with confidence is because those around them are fatphobes and this influences them greatly. A lot of the time people don’t even realize that they are affected by small comments or know that those small comments are actually fatphobic and totally not ok. When you struggle to believe you’re body is ok then setting boundaries with others can seem like an impossible task, but it is super powerful when done correctly.

I want the same success for you as I experienced!

  • I want you to be surrounded by loving people who support your efforts to accept your body
  • I want you to feel confident in the stats and studies for when you chose to educate someone.
  • I want you to be empowered to set boundaries and protect your mental health

What you get with Boundary Boss

The 4 Day Game Plan

Studies, Stats and Articles

Boundary Alternative

The J.A.B.B. Technique

Dealing With Health Professionals Method

100% online, start immediately

Training Videos ($297 value)

You will get immediate access to the whole Boundary Boss system through a series of video trainings. You can watch these videos on demand at your own pace.

Workbooks and Guides ($27 value)

To continue your learning you will have a workbook for all of the training videos and other guides with all the information you need

Audio Downloads ($22 value)

Prefer to listen to the training on the go? No problem! I've got you covered. Simply and quickly download the audio from the training and listen on any device you chose.

Bonus: Studies, Stats and Articles ($97 value)

Never be unsure about the studies and stats around how diets don't work, why you can be fat and healthy and why fat shaming is harmful for health PLUS numerous other resources on similar topics.

Bonus: Dealing With Health Professionals Method ($27 value)

Not knowing what to say to health professionals when they prescribe diets is incredibly detrimental to your physical and mental health. This guide will help you overcome that with work tracks, editable letters and a video guide.

Bonus: Word Tracks and Tactics ($27 value)

There are many different situations and scenarios that we may experience and a "one size fits all approach" isn't going to cut it. With this guide you're given many different methods and word tracks that will suit your style.

The total value of everything is $497 but I’m not selling it to you for that, I’m selling it for just $47. Yes, really!

Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Once you purchase you will immediately get an email with the login details to the online learning portal. You can then start straight away! Or at another time, it’s up to you.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Until the end of time. You will have lifetime access to the course and that way you can jump in now and get started OR you can do it later. Or do it now AND do it later to top up strategies and tactics I teach inside.

Can I buy this now and do the course later?

Yes! Since you get lifetime access you can jump in whenever. Also, it’s better to get it now at its current price because it WILL go up.

Do I have to actually talk to people for this to work?

No. You don’t have to talk to people to set boundaries, BUT you do need to communicate with them if you want to set boundaries. This could be through emails, text, letters etc. You don’t have to talk to someone who you don’t want a relationship with though.

How can this really help me?

I have seen time and time again people really struggle with how to deal with those who are not fat positive and it has a MASSIVE impact on their self-esteem. Having this incredibly important information and training will 100% help you know what to say, be armed with the stats and be able to protect your mental health in the best way for you. So yes, it can definitely help you.

Can I use this even if I have really low confidence?

Yes! I won’t be teaching you that you have to march up to people and start verbal arguments with them. The tactics I teach can be used in a variety of styles and methods that suit you.

Can I use this even if I have really low confidence?

Yes. This course is delivered by a fat person and directed towards fat people, but you don’t need to be fat to get the same outcomes from the training.

Hang on, just $47 for all this stuff? Is it a trick?

Haha, nope! Not a trick. And yes you really do get alllll thiiiiis stuff for just $47. I don’t want there to be any barriers for you to be able to get this information and have priced it as such. Just because it’s a low price doesn’t mean it’s rubbish though, I aim to over deliver and leave you delighted.

Who is Boundary Boss


You’re working to love your fat body but those around you are making it hard because they hate their own body and talk about dieting

You’re working to love your fat body but those around you are making it hard because they hate their own body and talk about dieting

You’re brand new to the concept of fat acceptance and know that it’s the right path for you but are unsure of the stats and facts to back up your new direction

How does this all work?

Click the button below to purchase. You will input your details and then shortly after you will receive an email from me. Inside the email will be the login details to the learning platform where all the training materials will be. Then you can start the training right away! You get instant and lifetime access. If you need help with this then reach out here:

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase

Imagine where you could be 1 week from now...

Confident identifying and handling fatphobic comments

Able to express your boundaries in a way that is authentic to you

Have taken steps to protect your mental health and improve your journey to body confidence

Able to rattle off statistics and cite studies with ease when you kindly want to educate others

Working towards surrounding yourself with people who support your journey to body confidence

Now is the time to take action!

This is an introductory offer and that is why the price is so low. Boundary Boss is only available to purchase until Jan 1st 2021. Lock in this current price because on Jan 2nd you won’t be able to purchase Boundary Boss AND the next time it’s available for purchase it WILL be a higher price.

Boundary Boss - Increase your confidence by stopping fatphobia in its tracks with boundaries, word tracks and stats

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